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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who is the author

Flash lights, flash, flash 
Captures images of subjects 
Click, click, click 

Flash, who was it 
That held cameras, on focus 
Who was it that, clicked click, click

Who would I have to, flash, click 
And credit the authorship to 
Flash light went, click, click, click 

Always the mystery man 
Never to be known, flash 
Always the mystery man, ready to click 

Until now, click, click, flash 
When flash lights click 
Click, click, to capture shadows 

Got you now 
Flash, flash, click, click 
Got you now, Mr mystery man 

No more hiding 
Behind the lens, flashing away 
No more being so camera shy 

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  1. i like how you got the shadow and call him mystery man, is there really a man, or is it just the shadow?

  2. ha the tables have been turned on the mystery man...the artist becomes the subject...great flow man...

  3. Flash,flash,click,click.....makes me want to snap my fingers to your words....love what you did with this Kodjo! :-)


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