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Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Joyful Day

I will silence the winds 
And have the trees stop their dance 
Until called upon to do so 

I will call out the clouds 
And say to them, this day 
Just this day, spare me your rain 

And the grass will know to keep to a height 
We greed on, upon a gentleman's handshake  
Not too high a' not too short, just perfect in trim 

The sea will calm their rattle 
The dolphins will synchronise their jumps 
The salmons will not yet go red 

I will have the sun come out  
And the birds will line in choir, well tuned 
Ready and willing to sing at a moments notice 

And the sky will give me 
Its bluesiest of colour so picture perfect 
For ceremonial  me, to sit in adore   

To name this day 
My joyful day, oh what a day 
To have this day be  
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  1. So beautiful, with images to make my heart leap in appreciation.

  2. has a biblical feel to it

  3. What imagery. Thank you for this.

  4. Your attitude to weather is delightful - continue to take joy from it.


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