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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Favouring one

Would I favour the fool 
For he agrees with me, always 
A' expresses, no objection on subjects I speak on 

He lays no grounds to withstand a position 
And passages path, he offers free to pass 
Would I favour the fool 

Or that of the sceptic, who always objects 
Even when reasons beyond doubt 
Has been made, tailored, tabled to warrant no objection 

Do I favour his kind, to grant a forced compromise 
For passage as a price paid, too high 
Stiff in his own right to oppose and be seen as so

Neither one do I want in my backyard play 
To have the fool answer for he thinks
To please, and lead me down a plank blind 

Nor the sceptic paranoid 
Who he wraps up, all in a bubble 
And refuses to have dirt shadow, his day 

What of one in-between 
What of one to dance between lines 
What of one with sway to favour  


  1. i would rather a skeptic anyday, when the fool agrees with me i got problems...

  2. so in other words, you love a debate eh? lol I actually would rather avoid it myself...and maybe Im a just a crazy girl who likes being told what I wana hear too :)


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