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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Streets Graduations

It is like the darkness of winter 
Teddy bears laid cold on street corners, comatose to dead 
Flowers beside, letters on walls and faded messages  
Hollow grounds, on walk ways depicted, clap! just the one sound   

This is a story rooted from summer’s day, long gone
Empty bottles, cold snow infested  sites, with frost 
Ink melting off paper backs 
Faded names on graffiti walls and messages lost  

This day started long on a summer’s day
Graduation stages set, another name called 
Awaiting a turn on the ceremony of tears 
How many; a face of the unknown to have turned up 

On my graduation, a crowd might gather
This is the only time, if I am lucky to see care    
I would never have this much attention on focus 
And teddy bears would lie cold, on streets on winter’s day

Before is gone, all in silence, with breath I took
Before is time of yesterday, with it's passage, my will to opt 
This was my graduation on a summer’s day 
On here, where I stood, this here my last call  

Nobody looks no more at teddy bears lay, "no crips, no bloods"
The flowers are all, but without life, dark 
Faded writing on pages and empty bottles of Hennessey 
Hold hollowness of  my graduation turn 

Gone is the voice of my time, this is my graduation
Somebody clapped,  a mother's son gone and I had a graduation
With writings on the walls, this is me sat at "rose cottages" wrinkled roses 
Teddy bears, faded messages left, winter absorbs inks from writing 


  1. What a shocking but brillant piece of work!

  2. Really pulled no punches, a wonderful verse and sad but true look at street crime.

  3. the teddy bears lying cold on the street corners is such a image, nicely done...i dunno i think we leave behind too much of our childhood at graduation...

  4. shocking and sad, the mention of the teddy bears brought tears to my eyes...good piece of a social commentary poem kodjo..

  5. Man, I really like this. You've got the sound down of a lament that tears off the surface of apathy and reveals real heart and real soul. I might've chosen different words here or there, but that's me. You stay real to yourself and the words will be yours, as they are here. Real and beautiful.

  6. graphic!! emotional!!
    great piece


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