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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to the future

A door stands in the midst of day 
Waiting to be opened  
I had a dog called who-nose  
Oh what does the future hold   

Knock knock is a step away 
A step close on door steps
From the future, back to the future 
Oh what does the future hold  

With time jingle on tic toc  
And events set to take place 
I had a dog called who-knows  
Oh what does the future hold  

The new is always wrapped in anxiety 
Jump jump on presents wrapped 
So much excitement, of things to come 
Oh what does the future hold  

To do thus, places to be, people to see
My dog was called who's nose 
This and that, etc etc 
Oh what does the future hold 

In these times, times like this 
The soothsayer is favoured the most 
With claims to have an incline on
Oh what does the future holds  

Beating around the bush on guess work 
More like with a sneak eye open to study reaction
Did I tell you, I had a dog called wholeness   
Oh what does the future hold 

To read one's body language, like a dog tail 
And say I see, oh yea I see, I saw, oh yea it's back 
Well of course you see, stupid 
Oh what does the future hold 

Now even the Mayan's are at it as well with 2012  
Oh well, but nah too fancy for me, much fuss is made 
I would own a dog and call it whoopees 
Oh what does the future hold 

In any case, we will all, all see 
Soon enough, just soon enough 
Bear witness soon enough 
On what the future holds 

Just like the days before and now today
And tomorrow follows with patterns of before 
The name of my dog is knows-how 
Oh what does the future hold 

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  1. Wow, what an attractive blog you have here. Thank you for sharing.

  2. ha sounds like a wise dog...smiles....because who-nose....

  3. One thing about the future, we never know what it holds; and we never (during our lifetime) reach it!

  4. I think 21st Dec 2012 will pass every bit as quietly as all the other 'end of the world' prophecies have done and life will go on for most of us, regardless.
    Well said though. Maybe it's best to not know what the future holds in some ways.
    Happy new year.

  5. Who nose indeed. Perfect at the brink of the new year.

    Happy TT!

  6. Who-nose who has the know how to predict the future and maybe who-nose is smarter than we are in just accepting each new minute of every day as a new adventure waiting to be explored. Truly a very smart dog you have there.

    And thank you ever so much for sharing such a nice poem about the future for this weeks Theme Thursday. Really nice and enjoyable.

    Have a Happy New Year.

    God bless.


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