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Saturday, 3 December 2011

In Clues Left

A flag, a dog, poppy as flower on remembrance, a' pop music 
Not much to say about the fish and chips  
A dynasty,  grade one, grade two, listed buildings 

Lighthouse, Angel of the north, Stonehenge 
Not much else to say 
About the narrow streets  

A spinning wheel named an eye of a city
Parks, museums, pubs, cottages 
Galleries, castles and cathedrals 

A union of reserved feelings 
Not close to friendship "civilised, or so it is said to be"
But it will suffice on forced smiles  

For the image needed to portray 
Put the rest down to politics
North, south divided not much else to say 

Not much else to say about the weather 
It rains, no it pours, and holds unpredictability  
No it drenches in summer, not much else to say

But God save the "******"
And whoever comes after "keep calm and carry on"
Bacon on breakfast, baked beans with eggs, tea! 

Not wanting to give too much away
Like too much away, already given 
Said enough, in too much said 

And if I am to ask, on clue  
Pick a town a city or a place 
Best  to suit descriptions above, what would it be  

Free fish and chips 
If you did get it right, for getting it right  
A trip of a life time, if you did get it right 

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