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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Shadows on the wall

Some times I find myself  in that zone of demolish thought  
Caught between entangled nets of confusion, abstract 
Between light, shadows and the objects they project 

Sometimes it is just ordinary entities, they portray 
Like a hand rabbit projected on walls 
Sometimes it is the others, more scary and wary 

That gives fright on walls in the finest hour of dawn 
Like seeing a shape of a man in the middle of the night 
Stood in the middle of one's bedding space 

Between sleep and wake, resolutions of know 
Illusion of thoughts, that sends shivers 
Delusion of grungier, on what fright they bare 

Some say t' day a' its hills, a' what tomorrow brings 
Holds excepts of our anxiety and fear, transformed in shades
It is these that travel through t' winds in shadows on the walls 

And appear in our dreams 
Shadows on the wall 
I just saw a shadow on the wall 

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  1. Interesting observations... Shadows at night, if you look at them closely, can show your biggest fears or loveliest dreams!

  2. A very enjoyable read for the day!! Well done :) Blessings and happy new year, Terri

  3. omg i thought i was the only one. Shadows as a child would scare the crap out of me, and even today, i always see the negative side of shadows. guess thats my style of thinking.

  4. Some say t' day a' it hills, a' what tomorrow brings

    I enjoyed all, but this line was my favorite.

  5. I really enjoyed this one, Kodjo! Love the dialect, and the shadowy feel of the piece.


  6. very interesting - lots of hidden layers

  7. this was a fun read Happy New Year

  8. pic, creative write, nice!!! I liked!
    happy rally!!

  9. smashing the fears within us, your poem conveys
    the secret shady thoughts of us.

  10. wow... this was so unique ~ I really enjoyed this:)


  11. Wow! Shadows on the wall, like the Indonesian Wajang dolls, lovely poem.


  12. one little thing can bring joy or fear to us, it is indeed true :3

  13. Excellent words Kodjo. That which frightens us the most tends to be within our minds. It's not in how we see it, but how we view isn't it?

    Demolish resolutions transformed - seems like that should be a line in a poem n'est-ce pas?

  14. Good one, Kodjo, and I LOVE the bunny trying to make a hand shadow on the wall! so cute!

  15. Very well put, Kodjo! Shadows on the wall and in our mind.

    Love it!



  16. This was nice. I liked the different pictures you painted. This was very vivid! I also liked the pictures.

    -Erick Flores


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