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Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Last Supper

In my last supper 
I ask to have my table laid 
I ask to sit facing east  

I ask to have a banquet set  
With delight, a feast fit to serve a king 
In my last supper 

In my last supper 
Sat with friends on the eve of the night before 
And in waiting, who remains, who betrays  

In my last supper 
Before the cock crows to announce,  new calenders 
And a new paradigm is unwrapped, set on us 

On the eleventh hour of transformation 
Stood dressed in fine suits to impress 
I asked to be served my last supper, of this time 

This time, of this time 
In my last supper 
Indeed in my last supper of this time 


  1. and today you can enjoy your first...it is good to spend it among friends for sure...happy new year!

  2. nice..i like how you merge the two events..

  3. i agree with Brian, today is the first day of the rest of your life

  4. I counted the stones, just to make sure I understood. Between birth and death it is good to eat with friends.

  5. Wonderful write!

  6. a new paradigm hints at the subject, at first it was the meal but then it narrows it to the WHO, I liked that, happy gooseberry day!

  7. I like the feel of this poem: the last supper of the year as a formal request, the table facing the east, a touch of bitterness but ready for the new, the "transformation." A serious poem for a time when many seem to eat and drink in forgetfulness. Happy New Year to you.

  8. I think one must treat each supper as his last one!Isn't it?
    Wonderful thought.

  9. I felt power in these words... wonderfully written:)


  10. I love the way you told this, very thoughtful.

  11. So often, people say to live this day as if it may be your last. Yet when we partake of a meal, do we think of doing so in quiet contemplation and with deep thanksgiving with such precise planning? What you have conveyed is so divine. Thank you.

  12. Made me remember my last supper.

    Happy New Year
    All bless


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