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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The contract

This is t' contract of relations, relative to knowing 
I have come to the realisation, to the know 
That this here, is a contract of negotiation, on balance  

Where goal posts are never 
Positioned on permanent spots 
And the sway of the bowl of fulfilment  

That which carries content of liquid formations 
Is kept at a constant swing to maintain balance 
For solids are made brittle in endurance of bonds  

Do not look out to be favoured by events 
Not always,  at all times in having a way with 
This is t' conditions of grounds, made ready to build on 

As intended based on the subject of negotiations
Compromises made prominent to attention on balance 
And courtship and friendship is to hold this as basic 

I have come to realise, in part, in ways 
That in forms in bonds formed, no one is to take spoils
Winning all every-time on roulette tables 

Not if for the enrichment wished for 
Is to be graced with the fortitude of longevity 
And thus, not a flash in the pan, upon pacts signed

This is a contract of understanding  
On what relationship's balance are  to be formed on 
Say I do, say I, to roll up one's sleeves and engage

This is the contract of relations 
I have come to the realization, on centered mind 
That this here, is a contract of negotiation 
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  1. nice...this has a great hip hop rhythm to it...there should be a contract on relationships you know...maybe there would be more people staying in...or maybe negotiating their way out...

  2. What's the penalty for a breach of contract?

  3. I can't figure out if this is a contract for gambling or a contract for marriage, either way they both need lots of balance. Each time I read this I see something new. I like it.

    Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts with us. Happy Theme Thursday. Looking forward to next week.

    God bless.

  4. some deep thoughts.

    we human being can always understand things in different levels.


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