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Thursday, 22 December 2011

He went to war

I can not hold this thought in me, no more 
It will sink the vessel that stands 
Under this strain in half at Bermuda  

I can not tell the mother that wave  
Your son will serve at the front line 
Of wars at Normandy where the enemy stands 

And I promise to bring him back in one piece 
For Christmas, I swear I would, indeed I would 
Without any scare on hearts, oh sure I would 

But batten down the hatches tonight 
Just in-case, the earth should crack at Omaha beach 
And I am only to have, his dog tag in toe 

When I knock on your door this late 
Oh, but he was a hero, made of brawn  
Who fought for this land he called his own 

I will make sure he gets a bronze statue with rose 
Stood firmly in Trafalgar square with poppy 
For he went to war with the bravest of heart 

And fought in the fields, to free love in hostage 
He found a spear, right through his heart 
That left him bleeding, emotions gust 

I can not hold, this thought in me  
It weighs too heavy, on my weakened chest 
While I wait outside, your door to announce 

What words, am I to start of with   
It weighs too heavy on my weakened chest  
I can not hold t' thought in me 
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  1. What a fascinating lyrical poem - so many images, so many promises - a wonderfully strong anti-war poem with a vivid great photograph to lead off - I really love this ...

  2. Love this. War is a dreadful thing, no matter what the cause/reason.


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