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Friday, 9 December 2011

Cuddling in winter

It feels as though, life dies 
When summer is no more
Gone away with all the little things 
We smile and laugh about 

The gale winds, the cold frost 
The minutes in eternity, spent for the car to warm 
The layers of cloths, to add some more 
And not enough cover to Eskimo the face 

The  cold weather drives us all in 
Like an Anatolian shepherd with effect 
So time and time again, housebound we become 
With curtains closed, to void, t' weather's penetrating thoughts 

Come, lets cuddle up by the fire side 
A blanket to share, a story to tell 
I would trade summer for your company in winter 
And not have to say much, nor laugh that much 

But just a cuddle, would do 
And I will spend winter bonding with you 
Summer would have its time to shine
To show as off, to show how close we got in winter 

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