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Friday, 30 December 2011

A rabbit hatching an egg

Is there a rabbit hatching an egg on the magic roundabout  
Is this a dream or wake on view, in viewing post, review  

Today I sat, deep in the land of thought, lamenting 
Sleep came and went before the midnight hour hit clock 

Still I had a journey, long in the land of silence to contend with  
I brought out my thinking cup, boiling to the brim, near overflow 

The clocks found their voices to whisper outrageous loud 
Yelling away in synchronicity, with the second's finger 

So that got me up, in the land of insomnia 
Hours before the new day was born to morning light 

Like a father in anticipation, pacing up and down  
The corridors of time and life in expectation 

Looking deep into walls, to be privileged with ponder 
First sights into rooms and what comes after 

Would the rabbit hatch an egg, wearing a pink tutu 
Would the mermaid, stand on catwalks in a beauty contest 

Oh what is to come, when the clock hits the hour  
And Grayson Perry got all dressed ready in waiting 

For t' second coming of Alan Measles worshiping a teddy bear 
What comes after, when the clock hits the hour 

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  1. I don't know anything about Grayson Perry, but I do know about insomnia. Not my favorite way to spend a night. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Love the metaphor here... we wait in anticipation for this great new year and then, BAM... it's just another day.

    Best to you in 2012.

  3. What a journey this took me on and to such depths. I love when someone introduces me to a new artist (to me) and a different way of seeing the world. Whatever else Grayson Perry may be, his art is interesting, disturbing and simultaneously really beautiful. He seems as much of a contradiction as time ending and beginning in the same minute so a really amazing metaphor for the new year. Really appreciated your set of couplets and congratulate you on an innovative poem complete with a mind and time re-set! Really well done! Gay

  4. very lovely story.

    Happy New Year.

  5. great imagery, especially

    Got sucked into the genre void
    Wherein my label was destroyed

  6. oh wonderfully surreal! I like your musings here - many great descriptions


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