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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lost Innocense

Or Ramsay's kitchens, Ramsay..
Is that not a name of a place on a show..
Showing life stories, in Aussie land..

I know a life story..
Of once upon a time..
Long, long ago time..
In the before wilderness, la la..

Before butterflies lost their innocence..
And hysteria, became the dance pattern..
Of disturbed wilderbeest, on stampede..

I knew a girl once..
Who made lilies look common..
But she lost her voice..

Over the rainbow..
With colours of golden straws..
And sparkles from diamonds..
Rubys and gem stones..
Safai and fragrance scented..

She once had a voice..
That brought Saturday feel..
To everyday noon..
Sent babies to sleep on sleepless night..
But then she lost her voice..

Shame that is, she lost her innocense..
Ravished to look into pandora's box..
Of hell's nightmare, reality on earth..
And  she was never the same again..

For the tingling melody..
In my ears has gone silent..
Like after the best opera song..
Sang for the last time, never to be heard again..
In Puccini ..Madame butterfly..Shame that is..

Her's is with cry now, in lost innocense..
Her voice broken in throats..
By the thunder outburst, of invaders hands..
That engulfed her world, in broken egg shells..

And I curse the day his was made a life..
For on that day her's was, doomed a life..
And she is now with lost innocence.. 
In violated cherries popped  raw ..

I said I once knew a girl 
I knew a girl once in life stories 
Who's innocence was robbed by the boggy man
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1 comment:

  1. Innocence taken... so Beautifully and Vividly described... this piece is DEEP "lost innocence"


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