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Friday, 17 June 2011

Adjusting Timetables

I have a dream that of many  
I project my stand, in seen lights
Such solid grounds the future holds 
The oracle says destiny and I see it so

But  some times I find my self 
Always in a rush, always in a hurry  
Always just about off 
On time track with pace                                                                       

Chasing from behind
Count down and quick acts  
Starts to finish 

Compromises and sacrifices  
Fitting squares into rectangular posts   
With props, for adjustment
Holding by a thread, with tension

Sometimes I find I am always in a rush 
With sewn tapestry showing excess threads that hang, 
Reflection draws a clearer picture on attention after the fact 
Day light shows dirt on canvas

Justified by the fact that
I just about made it hanging on the edge
Frustration reacts to give me grounds
Blame game with pin-pong boomerang 

Perfect is often said to be an illusion 
We only get close to, just near enough
But sometimes I find I am so distance 
From standing near by to be called a neighbour

Funny thing is, some times it seems 
I have got too much time on my hands 
Bored on what to occupy myself with
This is my time table on sometimes

If only I did do away with procrastination 
I did just sometimes see threads 
That dangles off tapestry 
Before hanging for exhibition

Just sometimes to be near enough perfect 
If only just sometimes 
I could get my time table right
To see my dream in projected lights

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1 comment:

  1. can much relate to this kodjo and i too try far too often fitting squares into rectangular posts...and i found perfection IS an illusion...and we should try to stay as far as possible from it, grinning at us... love the pic you chose..


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