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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Dangerous Intelligence

Brain in a jar 
Brick wall built 
I know best 

Whales on reverse parking  
Elephants doing a spin on break dance floor   
Ever heard an educated man, being so naive?   

There is nothing more dangerous than that, I say
When such beings, go fanatical with their beliefs   
Refusing to budge, crazy on the subjects   

Life is transformational, seasons too 
We sleep, we wake, we grow an inch  
Or lose an inch, depending on stage 

On the line of the ageing  scale, where 
We stand on reference, as referenced post 
'Don't take the mickey your time will come son'

In-between all that 
We evolve, we adapt, we upgrade 
And learn our lessons in, class out, school out 

Graduation stands, just as symbols of passage
University of life, the obstacle course
Now that is where, real life lessons are learnt 

True story, everything here on earth   
Changes shape to adapt,  "in thinking" 
Water from solid, liquid to vapour and reversed 

Even the earth tectonic plates 
Are in constant change  on route 
Shifting now is the horn of Africa   

But when a man with educated intelligence 
Holds thoughts with no sway
Like brain in a jar, brick wall built

Like the stand still 
Of the revolving door, earth 
Innocent people end up suffering

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  1. amazing poem gr8 thought's hope u'll like mine , keep up the good work :)

  2. Beautiful observations and truths... I really like:

    Graduation stands just as symbols of passage
    University of life, the obstacle course
    Now that is where life lessons are learnt

  3. this was very interesting.

  4. There are some great lines in this. =)

  5. Great write, love that picture:-)

  6. Wow. there is so much said in the compact lines of verse. The push and pull between being rigid and flexible. We all struggle with it. You poem is very meaningful to me. Thank you!

  7. Powerful last stanza! Great job!


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