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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Window Shopping

My eyes see many,
My desire craves a lot,
My fanctacy consumes
And absorbs many more "spam"
But I am no empire with greed

My pocket lies with limit,
My emotion relish has room for few
So I window shop for lust
I see all I desire and admire
From a distance, with sight
God gave me eyes for a reason

For not all I want and desire 
Can I have, do I  really want
Even when I can afford
That is what makes me 
Cherish the little I have
It is that  which be-gets value

For the rest, I appreciate
I have the luxury
Of window shopping 
Spend just enough time
To own with my eyes

Some I will acquire 
In later time to come
Some I will always 
Just window shop for
With a respectful distance

But for the little I have 
I value the most
My eyes and I 
Will always have 
Just enough time surfing
With window shopping
My resolved mind will know best


  1. Your pocket and mine are about the same. Still, it's fun to window-shop.

  2. I'm with you about window shopping. Fun to look sometimes when one has time just to see what is 'out there', but not necessary to buy! Thanks for visiting Poetry Jam!

  3. Good to see you at Poetry Jam. Just window shopping is an excellent way to shop and stay solvent! Write on.

  4. One of my favorite pastimes ... all around the world! Pure inspiration.


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