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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Rich Man

You know, some people say 
The way I act, its just like a rich man      
They say the way, I walk     
I talk, its just like a rich man     

So then I must be rich   
I am a rich, rich, rich, Mr rich man  
They say the way I laugh surely    
Just like a rich man     

So then I am a rich man, I must be  
But then my bank manager frowns   
W' he sees me, clocks ticks slowly in his eyes, at my presence   
Not the fat cat he hoped for, he prefers to see   

Somebody go tell him, with a firm grip on awakening 
Explain the confusion, with authority and clarification  
That I am a rich man, I am rich  
Indeed I am a rich man, I am seriously rich

For my content made as in, me as a being, rich  
Because I live a rich life, full 
Banking smiles around  all day, with joy
In my portfolio of deeds done, all day with warmth 

Happiness in stocks take  
Return in harvest, investment of smiles, kindness
I am joy, happiness runs in my blood veins 
That is why some people say  

Some people say, the way I act   
Oh, its just like a rich man 
I am rich, rich, richness is made of me 
So call me, Mr rich man, I am rich 

And I like to spread it  all around 
Call me the philanthropist, free giving 
Sharing my wealth, like rain on drought land
I am so rich, rich, rich, I say 

That is why 
The way I walk, I talk, I smile 
Oh, just like a rich man
Call me, Mr rich man, richie rich

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  1. Love the sentiment of this one!

  2. Wonderful message of self-realization. Quite enjoyable read.

  3. "Investment of smiles, kindness"
    I love this and it's something I truly believe in wealth means nothing kindness everything.:)

  4. Mr rich man, :-) I love it. I am going to go be rich now! Thank you.

  5. Great idea, with an awesome message. "happiness runs in my blood" is my favourite phrase, along with "investments of smiles".

    The repetition of the word rich didn't grab me though; maybe some synonyms could give you some variety?

    Dangit, now you got Baby You're a Rich Man by the Beatles stuck in my head.
    ...wait, why am I complaining? That song is awesome.


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