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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Basic Rule

Fly like a butterfly
Sting like a bee, be that it may be 
Camouflage, don't let them see you coming
Now for the impact, too late, got you, ha ha ha ha ha

Life always feels like we owe one back   
And happiness and fairness is just time out   
Like an hour of lunch in between hustle  
Before diving deep into oceans blue, beyond hostile line   

Fairness is religion, in that it is not    
As  thus built on Utopia   
But on earth glass do shatter  
And relationships are awkward   

Daily politics solder understanding   
With compromise if only temporary  
Lets agree to disagree, on status quo   
Letting sleeping dogs lie "and the rest"   

So then we owe one back   
On necessary evil, to keep the peace   
He got as this far, we have an understanding  
This is just how the rules work     

No one is perfect, hidden skeletons in closets     
Some are just recognisable by sway   
More efficient in polishing silver  
Then suddenly what they say matters 

Their words are gospel, hallelujah     
But do not test the subject on substance     
Like I said glass do shutter, "the laws of physics"       
When earth's gravity is called to play     

So who comes out to play in Serengeti
Like the next door neighbour's child lost 
And charity of the home he comes from 
Conflicts our stand, we owe one back on compromise 

But fairness is lost, on self interest  
On whose idea it was to find 
A balance playing field  
When survival of the fittest 
With step over is the basic rule
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  1. Sometimes, its difficult for the butterfly and the bee to compromise. Peace is fleeting.

  2. Don't let them see you coming. I like that plan.

  3. i found this to be very conscious of everyday issues... great write!

  4. this may be a fav of yours...the opening stanza spins...and my fav stanza is....Fairness is religion
    In that it is built on Utopia
    But on earth glass do shatter
    And relationships are awkward

    graet one shot!

  5. "Now for the impact, too late, got you" Awesome line that got me into your poem. Also like how you formulate the issue of self-interest in light of the collective. Excellent work, Kodjo

  6. I just finished watching a video about the "revolution" brewing in Spain and then I came to this poem.. perfect timing..
    indeed survival of the fittest ... nicely done

  7. Yes hard to find a balanced playing field, great pic of the cats too.

  8. A sad but real description of humanity.

  9. Well described, Kodjo.. I think we happen to live in the wildest of woods... untamed and RAW! Sometimes I wonder if animals have a better way of life than us.. I really wonder..

    A superb read!


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