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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Love Bug

Delicate emotions
Soft like pillow
To lay my head on, for comfort sleep

How do I write a love poem 
What words do I use  
To spell out vivid emotions  

Will cast a spell, suffice as a metaphor ?
For the cold flu of infatuation 
Being felt in excitement "give me some more"  

Shivers and stammer 
Over whelms Mr confidence 
Rehearsed lines made void 

Excuse me miss
Aamh Aamh, I was, I was thinking aamh
Concentrated mind, found wanting

Awaiting connections 
Like her reciprocated love pill  
Gladly I will sallow   

Please give me one more
To slow heart beats to normality  
For I have caught the love bug  

Rolling tumbling, mystery be-folds in baffling wander 
What chemical psychological emotional 
Reaction she draws me into

And she is my nectar and I am her bee  
Awaiting to make honey juice 
With her love pill

How do I write a love poem
To express joyous emotions   
About being caught by the bug 
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  1. wow really loved this one keep up the good work :)

  2. great take on the prompt ...

  3. I like this one ... great take on the prompt!

  4. This is really beautiful and heartfelt

  5. Delicate emotions
    Soft like pillow
    To lay my head on, for comfort sleep


  6. This was so quirky and unusual and great BTW


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