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Monday, 13 June 2011

Different Strokes

Different strokes, wheels on shells     
Like road paths to walk on
Ambitions and success

Meaning of what we narrow down aim for
Killing two birds with one stone
Or serving two masters

In metaphors  
Abstract verses 
With hidden meaning

In the end what is success in definition  
Is it how others perceive us  
How we portray our selves to others   

Or how we feel   
Deep down within ourselves   
When no one is looking, on self reflection   

What is the value of what we stand for  
Is it worth enough to stick our heads   
Up over the parapets and be seen as thus  

Or be enslaved   
By circumstance ambitions   
Grounded granted excuse to follow    

In the end is it the will   
That determine where we stand   
On being content  with life 

On questions and answers 
Painted pictures with words, brush strokes
Asked and answered, you decide
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  1. A lovely inspirational poem here. Shah. X

  2. Life is good, so is this poem.

  3. "Or how we feel
    Deep down within ourselves
    When no one is looking, on self reflection" For me this is the definition of success. Beautiful written =)

  4. The circle of life, success or enslavement. Thought provoking piece, Kodjo.

  5. I have to agree success is really only true upon self-reflection. Lovely poem

  6. open minded piece.
    blessings, lovely magpie.

  7. I loved the last stanza the best!

  8. Wonderfully crafted piece - love the provocative reminder.

  9. I have nominated you for a Kreativ award at my blog I have nominated you for an award at my blog http://sheilaghlee.blogspot.com/

  10. Beutifully written
    love the choice of words....


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