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Monday, 27 June 2011

More From Less

It is said that less is more 
 In substance  and value 
And minimalistic  is chic, did you know

Colored waves, subtle in meaning 
Pattern in abstract hanged to float 
Imagination left to populate thoughts 

So the greedy feels out of place  
And extravagant is called tacky  
Gouging without care   

I choose to weather the storm  
Diving down breath held to find 
A pearl sat against glass beads   

The peak of a man in value to attain 
Is reflected on his desire to establish  
And ambitions, wanting less for more  

So as less is held 
And more is strived for in substance   
I will be the man with less on more    

Cleaning dirt, dirt 
Off diamonds with finesse
Do you see the sparkle in a distance

Watch this, like magic 
Made to accentuate 
Accomplishment  of dreams we had 
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  1. it is a conundrum isn't it? because in order to have the approved minimalism, one first must buy ...

    great piece!

  2. I like the image of the pearl sitting among glass beads.

    Here's my Magpie: Afloat

  3. I choose to weather the storm
    Diving down to find
    A pearl sat against glass beads

    Good attitude! :)

  4. A wonderful approach to things... often times less is more.

  5. Beautiful piece. I love "The peak of a man in value is reflective on his desire and ambitions, wanting less for more".

  6. They say less is more
    In substance and value
    And minimalistic is chic

    love it, you are super brilliant on this.

  7. This is beautiful you know this might be my favorite poem of yours =) Stunning job!

  8. You've got a good attitude!

  9. Very wise words - bravo!

    Anna :o]


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