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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Event

Beware thoughts that come 
In the night (William Least)
Beware acts that follows 
From the dark to "alter"

Some times in life and deeds
Skid marks we leave  on roads
Rubber treads fast on escape

Wipe our mouth clean off crumbs 
Dust the cobwebs off our cloths
Quick look around,  its a clean escape 

After distance travelled 
Setting "tranquil" gaps between events  
And situations complicated, luck on our side

To only find ourselves 
Back where we left, in lift off, 
Birds do see when they drop, 

Where they drop, their droppings
Littering in mid flight is no excuse, 
Even for those to be "fond" of

I will get you, I see your colour
I know your mark, fatigue and hunger
Rest demands you land, by law
I await your return, I will get you

Foot prints leaves trace marks 
Like shadows with one step behind
Slowly catching up, on paths long walked

The sudden door knock, that brings us fright
When skeletons in cupboards start rattling rumbling on
And ghost of shadows appear in deja vu

That is the horizon 
Karma walks 
In such slow pace 

Beware thoughts that come
In the night 
Beware acts that follows
From the dark


  1. Hi Kodjo, nice to see you at Carry on Tuesday. I especially like the words:

    Some times in life and deeds
    We leave skid marks on roads
    Rubber treads fast on escape

    Very descriptive and clear image!

  2. dark and engaging. it makes me wonder what you're thinking about doing and why. well done.

  3. deliciously dark...and karma has a way of catching you when you least expect it...bird dropping droppings...yikes...ha

  4. "The sudden door knock, that brings us fright
    When skeletons in cupboards start rumbling on
    And ghost of shadows appear in deja vu"

    Great passage... leads nicely into the "slowing karmic" ending.

  5. A truly clever write! The tale of karma and how it stalks our journey, wonderfully composed ~ Rose

  6. Love the images and the message :)

  7. Karma will come back
    On the attacj
    To bite you in the behind
    As sooner or later it will find
    Your sneaky self
    Knocking you from your shelf
    Great write you gave
    With the words you pave

  8. a dark piece...wonderful lyrics - keep these poems coming

  9. Phew, I'll take that as a warning!

    It's those skeletons in the cupboard I'm worried about really.

  10. Clever, a very dark but so true karma will get you.

  11. "I know your mark..." Such powerful imagery. And the visual I got of Karma walking... Just great. Excellent. Thank you.

  12. It is a dark piece, but the lines just carry the reader forward. I really like this.

  13. Beware the acts that follow. Yes, thoughts are one thing, but when we start acting on them, skid marks for sure. Great write.

  14. "The horizon Karma walks" is such an effective phrase. This was both jarring and inventive. Thanks, Kodjo! Amy


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