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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Before Nostalgia

Life is frustrating
When pictures turn blurry
In situations drawn in

And one does not know
What to expect, in expectations
Treading on eggshells

Glass roofs surround
Right on top of arms stretch
Shy of touching, goal post moves

And we pray
Mirage is not made of sight seen
Let this not be a dream

Or it better be
If nightmare
Is to become of proceedings

Let me wake where clock  fingers
Are not in melting amnesia of delusion 
Going forwards and backwards

In repeat sentences 
Act in sequence 
Of mirrors reflection 

But for this day all bets off
Sequel to nostalgia
And we celebrating

Hats off  on tables, time out, lights in
And legs up in resting mood 
We celebrating before nostalgia


  1. This is just wonderful! love the descriptive words and comparisons.

  2. I really enjoyed this and wow what a great job you did with the vid! I could never read my own work with so much passion and animation and this definitely deserved all that!

  3. Kodjo---I love hearing poems performed by the poets. Thank you for the wonderful idea. Perhaps next week I might include a little video clip with MY Magpie!

  4. Love the descriptors you have used. Yes, nostalgic ways are being.

  5. Life is frustrating indeed, but you are dealing with it in your own words.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. Oh, man oh man, was this ever a treat! Your reading brought this piece to life. So much so, it reached out and grabbed me.

  7. Nice piece, and great to see/hear it read by the poet.

  8. I am not able to play the video such a shame I was looking forward to it.
    "Let me wake where clock works fingers
    Are not in melting amnesia of delusion
    Going forwards and backwards" I really love this. Incredible poem you have a unique style =)

  9. One of the best, most distinctive takes I've read on this prompt so far. =)

  10. Kodjo, visiting from Theme Thursday site. I don't think we can ever know what to expect from expectations. Results are always unknown. We can hope and try to make happen. But the ending may not be what we expected, and that is frustrating indeed. Well penned sentiments here. Always something to contemplate at your site.

  11. expectations are tricky things...they def open the door for disappointment in life....we expect people to do what we think they should or what is right, we expect certain things to happen in life and often they do not....nice reading too sir...

  12. Sometimes it is good to have dreams and I think that is what makes us hope and pray to have our expectations happen. Without dreams many things would have never been invented. And even though many of those things may never happen we can always pray and hope they will. I sometimes think that is what keeps us going, the hope that we will someday reach that which seems uncertain.

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday, it is a great poem.

    God bless.


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