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Friday, 24 June 2011

Bucket List

Painting by http://alisonjardine.com/draw365/
Shared with:Friday Poetical http://onestoppoetry.com/

Just so you know, friend 
As we proceed, steps steps     
Attention class, hamsters in suit  

Look here, look here  
Chatter box, on pontification  
I am talking, now you listen 

And as before on day break   
On dawn, to take up tools   
To sweat in worship of success 

After this day 
When shadows are cast 
On migrating birds   

Past the hour of working clocks    
Safety hats, telephones ring rings  
And hot tea at 7 am with biscuits, being "English"  

Okay still a day left in hours, granted
Maintain your position in role play 
Like a soldier on the front line

So as we proceed 
Bucket list in scribbles, 
Of tangos in acts to follow

Before sun rise,  and cock crows 
Becomes of let loose 
And stress balls are back into fashion  

As we proceed 
Just so you know, 
I am not saying 

As in saying, thus saying, 
As said of nothing 
Dramatic like kicking the basket

But just so you know 
To avoid confusion
I am on about the weekend's bucket list

Who is in, show of hands 
Getting off treadmill as we proceed 
Attention all, as we proceed

Ok now get ready for the 
Big kiss from me 
To seal the deal 

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  1. smiles. i am all for getting off the treadmill...tiring...and those stress balls never worked for me...smiles.

  2. made me think of some of those professors in college who liked to hear themselves talk without saying anything...
    As in saying, thus saying,
    As said of nothing

  3. Lol...heading off the treadmill now. Have a fabulous weekend yourself! :)

  4. :) trying to get off the treadmill-lol

  5. hamsters in suits...sounds familiar somehow...you captured the treadmill well kodjo..

  6. Fascinating. Quirky one for I Saw Sunday!
    Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

  7. :-)

    Liked this. Especially. . .

    "After this day
    When shadow is cast
    On migrating birds

    Past the hour of working clocks
    Safety hats, telephones ring rings
    And hot tea at 7am with biscuits, being English"

    Thanks for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday.

  8. Maintain your position in role play
    Like a soldier on the front line

    Guess we do this all the time...


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