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Monday, 20 June 2011

Being Short Changed


This is a bubble of our creation  
A Picasso of our own hands   
The strength of the walls 
That surround in measure 

For endurance is determined 
By what value we place 
On the bubble we create, "gag" are doubts
To stand the test of voyage  

In bakers bakery
Knowing very well 
Obstacles are prescribed on condition 
Like a necessity of evil 

Natures balancing act to "maintain" equilibrium, 
Separating the deserved, with the test of courage  
Assurance that, there will be bumps on the way
This is rest assured, like ageing 

How long we are to last  
Depends on how much it means to us  
How much work got put in  
Cutting corners, "omit" and half baked will not stand  

Into preparation, determination and ultimately   
How rightful we want situations to work out  
In our favour, deservedly, seriously   
Truthfully, befittingly no half measures  

In ourselves we know  
What effort is required, is asked for  
In ourselves we know   
What effort we are putting in   

The balance outstanding, 
Rings bells like constant reminders   
On our subconscious minds  
Why short-change yourself    


  1. Powerful piece... I especially like the fourth stanza.

  2. reflective and smart one.
    Happy Rally.


  3. There's always so much wisdom contained in your poems, they are never empty words always powerful messages


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