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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Talking Drums, Being Human

I am a man about with words,
Sometimes you may be right to think
The English dictionary resides in my head  

Making connections seamlessly  
Like the weave of tapestry effortlessly
I am a man about with words  

If I was to be a priest, blessed to preach  
Hallelujah to my last word sentence we speak
One of those charismatic priest 

I would have had a mega church  
To animate my actions and words on stages  
I am a man about with words  

A poet no less  
Self proclaimed  as thus  
For I am a man about with words  

Politician with a flair
I am to wow the crowd
I am a man about with words

Talking drums will mimics my verses 
Sending sound waves across the landscape
Announcing, there is a man about w' words

Philosophy will carry a message in abstract The wise excited of it's parable, 
While others ponder over meaning. 

But some times I just stammer on "the" 
Being tongue tied, like a dream of nightmare 
I am a man about with words  

Still only human
When the talking drums go silent
With words "slipping through my fingers"

I am a man about with words
Being human, talking drums
I am a man about with words
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  1. I love this, the poet, the man about with words, the talking drums!

  2. yeah man i can hear those drums...what wonderful play things...words...

  3. I absolutely loved the video. Thank you for posting it. Beautiful piece of musical poetry.

  4. Love the philosophy line, as it is so true. Great play on drums as well, a very enjoyable poem, nice!

  5. What a wonderfully rhythmic write. Love it!

  6. Love this brilliantly written poem Kodjo. When I first saw the picture it reminded me of my son who one year hitchhiked all the way across Canada with nothing but a backpack and his bongo drum. These are the things mother's nightmares are made of, but he is a 'man about music.' Love your creativity!

  7. I loved this. Nice to have read you.Am following you now.

  8. I loved the idea of talking drums trying to mimic you... it's AWESOME!! As a poet/writer/user of words, it makes you feel so nice to think about such a lovely thing...

    Very nicely composed, Kodjo.. there was an honesty in this that I really like and appreciate!!

  9. I wish the drumming would stop!

  10. You are pretty good at juggling words too. You managed to keep about a dozen of them flying through your poem.

  11. was great to catch this one again through theme thursday...and enjoyed hearing you deliver it...you have great style man...


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