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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Love Manual

I have kept a silent watch over you   
While my mind decides, like back to school   
How to approach your delicate blossom   

And I yearned to smell your scent   
Like a connoisseur, with patience    
To appreciate your intoxication  finesse

A rush of waterfalls and   
The pleasure, that brings to me  
Like an addiction, I am obsessed     

I have learnt to wait the right time 
To near you, hear you, step back and respond
Like with an approach to land on Venus   

So now I understand you, like an expert   
I know when to hug you, close and tight   
When to give you space, I need it too   

And just what puts the biggest smile   
On your face, I see you smiling  
I like that gorgeous smile 

I have come to know   
How to honour your being   
And treasure your love  

Like a florist I now know on recipe
How to make a bouquet 
With your bundle of  tulips flower 

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  1. This is lovely and romantic a side I've not see yet! I never seem to learn the right steps in friendship or in love.

  2. very fluent write.

    share one with poetry potluck today.

  3. Very romantic! Here is mine: http://jaanpehchaan.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/a-beautiful-mind/

  4. efforts count,

    Like a florist I now know
    How to make a bouquet
    With your bundle of tulips flower

    heart warming lines, well done.

  5. Very romantic words and I LOVE the photo too!


  6. The bouquet is the second recipe for love. The first is the steps to learning her. How fine!

  7. I agree this oozes romance, so beautiful!
    I love that you mentioned tulips(two lips)
    Wonderful recipe...I love it~

  8. This is a gorgeous poem. You've taken lines and created little nips of love upon our hearts. What a wonderful way to approach and loving. Being conscious of the other and what makes them tick.

    Lovely poem and a joy to read.

  9. What a lovely love story is glimpsed through your words....I can see the smile, and the tulips!

  10. When to be close, when to give space, and always smile. This has a lot of truth in it.


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