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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blankety Blank, Raw

Is that all there is on the market floor   
Opposing the appreciation society  
Wanting more, in beggars strike  

When would appreciation be  
The honour of the greed  
Wanting more; extra, extra of the same   

Never stopping to appreciate value  
Always hungered for possession 
Is that all there is, wanting more  

Constant thirst , thirst, thirst 
Sends one from river's water so fresh    
To  ocean's  salt in wanting more  

Green eyes, blankety-blank  
Of the "never enough unending want"
The motto of the leach  

Is wanting more to become  
The death of the appreciation society
In starvation of gratitude, wanting more 

Is that all there is on offer  
When King Midas rules  Phrygia 
And  "beggars strike" on wanting more  

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  1. Definitely true that so many people want more, more, more! Last stanza is SOOOO powerful.

  2. ah great write and social commentary...what it is you chase in your desires says much of who you are as a person...

  3. Well-played social commentary. I think "extra, extra of the same" is my favorite phrase.

  4. possession, acquisition but never appreciation
    an excellent commentary Kodjo

    smiles my friend

  5. A great look at modern society and greed.


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