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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Centred Energy

Rain drops, on nature's leaves
Holds bubbles like souvenir
Gifts from the heavens  

And I am to find energy 
Through these forest of wilderness 
My inner strength to harvest 

Wet as the leaves from rain 
That hold rejuvenated sights
Green shots from old  

And I am to be washed clean 
Like a car wash service 
Wax, hoovered and valeted 

I am to be found, converged in the middle
In once scattered randomness to formation 
Tia chi rebalances centres strength

This is the gift, that fuel my energy of life 
Rain drops on leaves 
To feed my awakening 


  1. nice...i love a good rainstorm, esp those moments immediately after when all smells fresh and clean like a great big sigh from nature...

  2. You harness that natural power into your poem, and bring it into the realms of chi and car washes. Very nice use of relatively short lines to create a converging effect that returns to a variation of the first line.

  3. YES!!! Wriggle wriggle Joy!

  4. yes - i have seen the centred energy in this as well kodjo - cool take on theprompt

  5. You caught something, Kodjo, that I missed in the photo -- the suggestion of energy. It looks like the spokes of a wheel, turning, producing that energy. Well done.

  6. lovely imagery of the rain drops ...
    well penned

  7. Very Zen, especially the last stanza. Well constructed.

  8. This was well written I enjoyed every rain droppy word of it.


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