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Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Phone Call

Distance separates lovers and friends
Journey of destiny and of strive
One of tacit, for the silent speaker

While exploration 
Brings as joy of enlightenment
New discovery and awaking

Cold the heart goes when thoughts of love ones 
Not seen, not heard from,  
For a while comes to mind

On the starving feel of emotions need
Like a draught invasion on fertile land, 
Quietly the heart cries for completeness find

Then a phone call out of the blue
Heard like ghost voice  
Shock at first prompt it brings

Instance excitements 
With joy to be had
Oh my darling I have missed you so
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  1. Lovely piece... you can feel the longing, the desire building like the crescendo of the bell... the excitement of the connection.

  2. The waiting increases the excitement and relief when the phone finally rings! Lovely poem!

  3. That call, when it comes, unexpectedly or possibly hoped for, can be a wonderful thing. Enjoyed reading this.

  4. nice..you capture that longing of speaking to a loved one or family and the feeling it brings when we do...

  5. "oh my darling I have missed you so"

    that line...so simple..so clear...hits hard, right to the soul...

    Thank you for sharing your words...

  6. Great transition in the beginning from silence to enlightened discovery. Also like how you build to the shock of that unexpected phone call. Final nice has a lovely ring to it as well.

  7. awww this is so lovely and great to see you reading it...adds another layer of meaning..

  8. thank goodness for phones ...they provide reassurance from people far away yet in our hearts,think your poem reflects that longing to know our loved ones are safe and well and by hearing their voices supplies this .Many thanks x x

  9. lovely little piece Kodjo, skype is all too quickly replacing the old phone. I kid of miss the intimacy...

  10. oh I enjoyed this one! Such a relief and rush of excitement, the gift of words and voice over the phone. A gift to see you read this too =) Thanks.


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