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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Epic of Legends

The next step
Between my heart beat, 
Poppy love and  flowers on fields, 
Earth quakes and tremors, darkened clouds

My stomach rumble, sweat glands burst
Signals of a change in weather, 
My finger reads metamorphosis in the breeze

This is ghostly silence, and they say 
There is a calm before the storm, the brew 
Like t' drag of the ocean eerily, sunk into its bosom

Before rage of tsunami  and trauma hits
And obstacles has to be faced no hiding place 
By sons to blossom into men in initiations  

Like child birth, transformation of Virgo
In fields where innocence is lost, 
When good men go to war and come back changed 

This is the middle ground of chapters 
This is the epic being written
Voyage of serendipity 


  1. I like the last stanza. So very true. We never know what the 'next step' for our world will lead.

  2. Yes, an epic piece..very composed..very taut..'poppy love and flowers on fields' ..beautiful line..Jae

  3. This is stunning =)

  4. Awesome writing, Kodjo. Very meaningful and well written.


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