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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

By Definition, Being Defined


The foundation in parables 
Pulling straws the short straw 
Who pulled the shortest of straws 

The making of a man  
Building of a name 
Who knows what tomorrow holds  
Which is better   
To be a small fish in a Big tank   
Or to be a Big fish in a small tank?   

Mr Big man   
Throwing dice, for fortune teller's luck   
Tell me what is your number  

To be the part, crown jewel   
Or be counted as party  
To the part by association 

Making up the numbers
In roll call, marking the register 
What is your number, don't say 118 

And size do matter, does matter in efforts    
Like little drops in the part played
Transforming in substance

Elephant running scared of the ant 
Who builds mountains from mud
Who is throwing dice, spiders giving fright 

Was it not just a single man
That threatened to bring down an empire
Oh hail Marcus Aurelius

Shifting the balance of play
Building cities, on deserts
To be called a great marvel    

While legends are built on conquest
With stories that uplift and inspire  
In the making of a name 

Many an empire came to be
Made by men, the commoner with vigour
That few knew before history was made 

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  1. amazing wonders.
    Thanks for linking.

  2. You have such a unique style and voice. I love the opening line. To me and I may be wrong its seems to about power plays, egos, and tyrants

  3. great poem ...thanks for sharing

  4. Tantalizing take on the senseless efforts of giants who are but men, and not.

  5. It really is all in the power of how we view the world, isn't it? And while reality always exists, the only way to change it is to change our view. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the flow and word usage. Love the subject. Thanks for writing such a great poem.

  7. a brilliant piece ... you have a unique style.

  8. aww... great poem.. Here is my Rally Post, ? will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

  9. great poem. great flow of words.

  10. A very inpactful write, powerful, and brilliant, thank you, much appreciated, WS


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