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Saturday, 18 June 2011

This Town

Lost opportunity 
This town is becoming like a ghost town
A ghost town
Austerity measures dem a fi call it

30 years on, still the same old story,
We wear props and costumes
To play a part in life's drama, you get me

Like a Shakespearian play, you get me, you get me
But this is reality staged
On ticking time, the hour glass

This town is becoming like a ghost town, a ghost town
The jobs of the promise lands
Turns into mirage of tranquillity in deserts

All the good clubs are closing down
No where left  for us to let our heads down
Steam engines about to explode, you get me, you get

Caution, raised and sent to the powers that be
The Unions are ready to march the streets
The Youth are without employment

Educational certificates are spat on by the employers
We are loosing our religion, you get me
Faith in the politics of the day, you get me

This town is becoming like a ghost town, 
A ghost town
Streets that echo's ghost of the boom time, you get me
Were we not told there will never be a burst again

This is the summer of discontent, you get me
Austerity is only known to the poor
The powers that be are delusional, you get me

Thinking we cry the same cry
Saying they feel our pain
This town is becoming like a ghost town,
A ghost town, you get me

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  1. I'd forgotten about this song. Don't think I've ever seen the video.

  2. I never heard that poem/song before. This line mystified me until I listened to the first video:
    "No where left to let for us to our heard down"

  3. I thought he was saying "No where left for us to let our hair down"
    I never heard this song before. Nor the poem either. good one for this season of eruptions.

  4. That captures the spirit of the age, and no mistake...

  5. I get you. :)


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