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Monday, 6 June 2011

Change of Pace

So monday, bright day, is here again, 
Quicken pace in things done, in all things done
Change of cloths, belts, blouse,shirts and type of shoes own

Change of time in pattern to wake on clocks tic toc tic toc, tic tic
Cups of tea and cereal bowls consumed
 Ready to fuel the day until lunch, 

Traffic run for the school and work route, 
Projects, home works, deadlines to meet, deadline set
Meetings, appointment, schedules to keep

Kiss kiss, hug, hugs, bye byes
And be good at school
And at work too, today

Until the evening sometime past 5 
Love you, take care, miss you much
And make sure you enjoy the day me love


  1. You have caught the quick pace of a day's beginning!

  2. Love the sounds and the changing rhythms!

  3. An usually upbeat poem about Mondays...

  4. ha when we toil away, we do need that warmth, love to get us through :)
    This made me ask: is life about the end? hmmm
    Thanks for the visit and kind words :)


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