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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Blame The Dog

I don't own a dog, in blame games  
Like the ones that run off  on streets  
At night chasing skirts, Casanova    

But sometimes, on pavements   
I step in their aftermath   
Slippery steps that leaves a stink   

It stays with you and desperation sets in   
I have been shamed by my own doing  
Where grass parks are found, I do try the feet rub   

This should never have happened, to be taken home   
It leaves a stink, I feel abused, feeling defiled  
Morally corrupted, in parts I played, oh and I know I did 

Oh for the dog owner, irresponsible owner  
Who left troubles on pavements, troubles
For my eyes, that paid no attention, distracted    

On what lies ahead 
And wondering sight seeing attraction    
Sometimes its seconds before the step   

Frozen in slow motion  tipping over  
Just  before feet lands, seeing the feet land   
This is troubles, metaphoric 
In metamorphosis troubles  


  1. thanks u,..too

  2. Well written.. may come again to read once more.. thanks..

  3. A humorous take on a horrible urban blight. I was distracted by the cat on a library shelf - hilarious.

  4. I posted a comment but it disappeared. humorous take on a horrible urban blight. I was distracted by that picture of a cat on a library bookshelf.

  5. Oooh, been there! Good write Kodjo, thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday. :-)

  6. Interesting metaphor, good job!


  7. Loved the hilarity on a Saturday afternoon! Lin up at my linky? http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2011/08/weekend-creation-blog-hop-plus-poem.html
    Shah X


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