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Friday, 29 July 2011

This is me defined

This is me defined   
Sperm, egg, that made me    
Weightless burden, entity, realisation     
And I swim through the sky   

Featherless, elevated  
This is me defined  
And clouds stands as  my 
Stepping stones

To the heavens   
I am welcomed  
Like back to home, what made me
What I am made of  

This is me defined   
Opened with glory  
I am celebrating   
In my moment  of being  

This is me defined, different strokes   
Individuality, personality, uniqueness   
Pictures, flash lights  
My crowning glory, identity   

Coming of age, destined  
This is my celebration   
My meaning defined  
And the character I am, defined 
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  1. A brilliantly defined piece. (Sorry, I couldn't resist) It is a beautiful poem. You've done well!

  2. Well written and very beautiful poem

  3. Well expressed. I think we all have to celebrate all of our moments of being...as you do.


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