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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Princess Pride

Said I said I am sorry  
A thousand time and more   
Now you say, you going to have to    
Change the keys, your number   
Some how I understand  

Said, I said I didn't mean to   
Make you cry, humble you, your opinion   
You regret walking into my bubble  
And now, earth quakes and   
Bubble burst

I am with remorse  
You are with remorse   
And over night we have been  
Transported from paradise   
To nightmares    

I said, said I am sorry  
But it was too late, for conversations  
And the charm is gone, no magic in the air  
And the smile is gone, no jokes to share 
And we no longer look, in each others eyes  

And my presences repulse   
And I can't wait to escape   
And time watch, is given relevance  
In conversation we have   
A means of diverting attention   

But before we get to this stage
I awake at dawn to change course 
This was a nightmare, to be vanquished 
That I will distance from reality, as we wish
For you will always be my princess bride 
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1 comment:

  1. Hugs! Eloquently expresses the deep emotions of a sad, sad time. Always, detach with love..and this is a beautiful detachment piece.


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