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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cherished Substance

What if a man sees   
His fortune before his time   
What if  Vincent van gogh saw his price    
Before his passing   

How many a master piece   
Did he paint and scrap for fear in notion   
That people will not like, dislike in taste   

What gems do we lose   
Through circumstance of situations   
What if Jimmy Hendrix had lived past his demons   
And Amy did too, what if 

What a show could it have been, would it have been     
For Michael Jackson, the show man 
To have made the greatest come back of all time   

What if life was a bit fair, what if
And trails and errors made way 
For street lights, omitting wrong turns, what if   

What if tragedy could not be   
The definition of cherished substance, what if
What if weights we carry, are void of hallow substance    

What if love and passion 
Is not tested by sacrifice and loss 
To define its true value, what if 

And in the sky, what if 
Truthfully, truly  all is as 
Van Gogh saw it to be 
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  1. enjoyed these wonders.
    profound piece.

  2. Van Gogh definitely had vision, didn't he? And so many very passionate,talented artists died WAY too young. I always wonder what more they would have created if they had stayed on earth their natural lifespan.

    Thanks for jamming with us this week.

  3. Profound piece! I often wonder about these questions myself. It seems we often don't appreciate someone (just not artists) until he/she is gone.

  4. Lots to ponder with this well written piece!

  5. LOVE this piece! I pondered all your perspectives and gloried in the possibilities. This made my day. Thank goodness I read if. What if I had not?


  6. Maybe Van Gogh would not have created his free spirited works if he had cared what price they would bring. And can you really picture Jimmy H singing the lounge scene in some place like Las Vegas. Even Nick Jager (who is still alive) looks a little sad with his 60-something body in those skimpy shirts he wears. Your poem made me think.

  7. It is obvious you put a lot of thought and emotion into your poem ... thank you.

  8. Nice one....made me think...and may be they all gave us those masterpieces for what they are....

  9. your poem is a great tribute to van Gogh and all of the others you mentioned, gone too soon. i LOVE this! and your reading is wonderful!

    thank you so very much for participating at Poetry Jam!

    my heart's love songs

  10. Very thoughtful poem about possibilities, what could have been ... what is and will be ... life is art and art is life. A nice tribute to creative minds :)

  11. Wow, beautiful poem! I wish for everyone to know there worth on this earth. I wish right now for you to know yours. Wonderfully done.

  12. its pretty crazy to think of those that passed away young and what they would have accomplished if they had lived...would it be any good or as good and would they have been cherished as much if they produced even more...

    hey i been here a couple times today...smiles.

  13. This is a point I've pondered quite often...how the passion of so many creative geniuses leads so many times down a road of self-destruction. At this point the image of the emotionally tortured artist has almost become cliched. I think those inner doubts that artists of every variety have are pretty useful, thankfully we can learn to not let the anxiety sweep us away. A beautifully written poem, thanks so much for sharing it!


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