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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Make Me Human

Light shines to break the hold of dusk   
Like opened curtains   
New days begins with dawn   

Before the last bell rings   
And days journey of trails and triumphs   
Ends with a tick on calendars, box archived      

Neither a borrower or a lender  
Should I be, must I be, shall I be, in form  
As a permanent state, cast in bronze   

I shall build up occasions to celebrate life   
For troubles stops when time stops  
When life is nothing but a faded past  

Let me bleed to testify my existence  
Let me strive to appreciate gain  
Make me mortal to appreciate living  

Let my tears run off my face like road maps
Let rain touch my delicate skin
So I can appreciate the senses 

Let me smile and frown  
Laughs and yell  
To build up my facial muscles  

Let me love and hate  
Admire, appreciate and envy   
Give me my shortfalls and strength   

Let me know the true essence of living   
And accept mountains as pillars   
To be measured by, as stepping stones

In between I mark calenders 
To celebrate life, when curtains open  
New day begins with dawn  
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  1. I especially like the last stanza. Opening the curtain right now, I walk into a new day, a new beginning!

  2. Lots of life affirmation here!

  3. some fine word play as usual...new days are good things..


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