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Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Living Legend

What is in a name   
Many a men to have lived and be known  
To be made legends, villains, heroes and saints    

What is in a name, to thy peers be known
To be labelled with an identity, known as
As one who walked where few men ventured   

Carved a legacy to be accredited with   
And for a thousand years and more
Let my name be known by all  

What is in a name  
Born and blessed with an identity  to know  
Characters formed before birth from womb  

I see my shine, I am tested to attest and confirm   
So legends are us, born of some sort, an enigma      
Destined to sit at the round tables of time    

What is in a name     
Let my name be known beyond my time    
Immortalise graffiti on the walls of time   

What is in a name    
To have been named     
I am to become a living legend     
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  1. Interesting!Well I can find many budding legends with a unique name incl.mine :P

  2. I wonder the same..

    welcome, Happy Rally.

  3. Yup! You wrote it well. Giddy-up!

  4. Good writing! May God bless you to come up with name and fame in life, Kodjo!

  5. Very cool, I love the concept of becoming a legend

  6. this rocks! love the idea.

  7. very interesting idea you have penned

  8. So true... 'characters formed before birth' beautiful..!!


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