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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Old Aztec

What does history hold  
With holes in stories told  

Who was there as witness 
To have seen with sight as proof

Who wrote the books of time gone by 
And stood on neutral ground to profess 

Shattered colosseums, and headless statues  
Gaps in stories told

Effort made to hold on to time   
Archaeology and preservations 
Building stabilisers to hold 
Unto  crumbling stands   

Until the next craze
To clear intention of directions off  

What does history hold 
With holes in stories told  
With old Aztec buildings 
That mounts the mystery of time
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  1. cool ....and do we ever truly know the past or do we sometimes feel from the atmosphere that surrounds a place ....thank you for sharing

  2. ah you bring to life all the questions that ran through my mind in pondering the picture...how much has been lost to time...

  3. "until the next craze..." such seems the way of things. Especially like how you question who was there. Makes me think of history maintaining the often unstated views of those attempting to preserve it. Thought-provoking interpretation of the photo.

  4. i like that you took this back to the old actecs..i'm a big fan of history and think we should learn from it but never try to maintain or stay there..

  5. Brilliantly prosed... love the questions.


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