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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Off On A Tangent 2

Eureka moment of enlightenment  
Boom, not bomb, silly you , Archimedes   
When layers of conundrums are stripped bare  

And a step, a stretch   
Is all it takes, open sesame, clap     
To unveil a master piece, there you have it  

Nothing comes to the lazy man, you lazy cow   
Who sits and wonders what if, if only, could have   
And turns to take a nap in day light   

Mitigating circumstance, when it is too hot  
The Spanish are allowed, it is to be called siesta  
Well what do you expect, try living in the sun 

Okay so like I was saying, lecturing, blabbering   
Who cares, shhh don't wake the Spanish  
The conquistador, they fight bulls  

Like I was saying burning dreams  
With sucked up energy, where was I    
Chain of thought, chain of thought 

Where was I, why was I, chain of thought 
Oh yeah, you know like a sink hole   
Strange that is, always leaves a sense of vulnerability 

Like a sink hole, Alice in wonderland  
There is a reason, in reasons given  
Why we grow out of, part ways with   

Our imaginary friends as adults, as grumpy    
And dreams are to be called ambitions  
Okay another eureka moment  

Grab a pen, ahh I lost it  
Off on a tangent 
Orbiting the earth 

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