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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Knocking On Elusive Doors

My candle burns on both ends 
Knocking on ELUSIVE doors 
A thousand door knocks  
To find silent response, curiosity   

And half the time, we wonder     
If strings on doors, like the puppet jokers play   
Are being pulled to shut down access   

How do we leap into the next stages  
Learn the rules of engagements, in foreign land      
From welcome parties, sent to scout on our arrival   

Caught in circles of this burn for so long  
Time holds burden of encounters, flash backs   
Like prolonged transition, in time wormholes   

Taunting one, with the one leg grip, the gods hold on us    
Boldness, slowly dwindling, looking for reasons for standby  
As effort fades with response, slow on energy, dispensed 

How did our forefathers build castles, curious   
When blocks becomes so had to find, like diamonds   
And cracks appear before lintel stages   

Ambitions becomes such an endeavour  
Distance from inspiration it once held  
And this is at sea, land is required as a bare necessity   

What are we to tell   
The young ones playing catch up, looking up  
For inspiration to visualise and walk, on discovery    

For accomplishment of actualisation    
Knowing too many  catch 22 situations  
Handicaps, rock and hard places   

Well, we are still at sea, wondering what lies beneath  
Knocking on  giant doors, I know I hear movement behind   
Land is still just the bare necessity, required  
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  1. Interesting poem here, Kodjo. Stream of consciousness. I enjoyed following where your words led me.

  2. I know the feeling of having doors shut on me. thankfully there is usually a window open somewhere. great poem

  3. Every deck has four aces ... the more "No"s we gets, the closer to one of the aces! Nicely done!

  4. All that door knocking cam wear you down in the search for an answer. Very creative take on the prompt.

  5. doors open, doors close, where you end, is the path you chose

  6. Love the knocking on giant doors. I know it's in the image, but I like your wording.
    A great thinking piece and a great read.

  7. EXCELLENT!! We are indeed faced by many a closed door... but then again, that closed door leads to an open window elsewhere... and at the end of the day, here we are, still alive, and still trying to get there.. somewhere!

    I love how you have depicted the hardships one gets to face in this cruel little world, Kodjo.. very well written!

  8. Close the door on ya way out!

  9. I really like your journey you take me as a reader .. it was not an easy read and leaves me feeling kinda lost worn out ~ which as a writer is great as you have really given in expression vision so much to the reader to feel see think about ... I felt each door knock ~ so to speak... thankQ always Beez :)

  10. You've captured the theme of elusiveness very well. I enjoyed the depth and richness in every stanza.

  11. I love the last stanza, Kodjo. We have just finished with a cruise down to the Canary Islands to and from London, U.K. We were glad to see the ELUSIVE home land. That is also my reason for coming late.


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