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Friday, 8 July 2011

The Pub quiz

This is for the pub quiz  
Put your thinking cup on, time is ticking by
The first round is on you, you who is buying  

The skin of the Polar Bear is black, you know   
One of those things by chance, you know 
You pick up along the way, like novelty gifts  

And one wonders  
Dear, dear , dear 
Oh how so intriguing    

What do you know, mine, mine    
What do you know, till the penny drops    

Let me talk you 
Through the pub quiz  
Rules of engagement, 

No contraband
iPhone, smart phone, blackberry 
Google search, allowed  

You see, I sat down by chance   
On coincident and watched a ballerina      
Move like she danced for the gods  

I loved it dearly into an infatuation    
I am now a fun, like that of football craze      
Oh mine what do you know    

Did you know that the human eye  
Blinks 4,200,000 times a year  
Wait what did I miss   

Diamonds are 100 percent carbon   
Would global warming w' increase in carbon  
Make them cheaper to get, I wonder     

What is my carbon foot print   
For the life of me, for my life to be  
And my life time, wondering minds on overdrive  

The human body in ash form   
"Of course cremated, what a question  
Get me that drink", can be turned into diamond   

Did you know that  
Just one of those things one
 Pick up along the way, so where is the drink 

So what is my worth  
98 percent of the dead in Japan 
Shikimoto and all the others are cremated   

Guess that just simplifies  
Things to be done for the land use  
We can all do without the confusion  

A diamond necklace  with sparkle 
Or a grave stone estate     
Either way the end is in a box  

Where is my pint, dry throat, dry throat   
I thought this was meant to be  
A pub quiz, where is my pint  of beer  

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  1. dude, this is a fascinating write...great layering of image..the ballerina dancing...the pub quiz rules and random questions...ha...most unique and enjoyable...

  2. lol interesting take on the image, haven't been to a pub quiz for ages but your poem has inspired me to go again you make them seem such fun ....thank you for sharing

  3. So many interesting thoughts that can send me off in tangents '... until the penny drops, that either way we end up in a box ...'


  4. Such a myriad of evoking thoughts it was a whirlwind to read. Much enjoyed ~ Rose

  5. Fun, fun, fun
    Love the chatter interspersed with the content. or is it the other way?

  6. well played.

    Invite you to write something based on the image you see,
    Hope all is well.
    Thanks for the attention.
    Appreciate your input.

  7. AWE-SOME. Would love to hear this poem in spoken word


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