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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Tapestry of Art

If in paintings Picasso and Miret    
Van-gogh can be painted, woven in words    
Decision, "indecision" subjective in abstract meaning  
To have stories told in such fine finesse of elegance       

A thousand and one  Arabiain nights  
Shahrazad carved in stones of literature  
Like presidents on mount Rushmore    
To stand freely the test of time

If words can be transformed  
Into sound, music      
And movement with pureness  
Rhythm of grace     

And "fate" in signs of language, meaning  
Is projected by the delicate ballerina on floors  
With richness of old Paris in fashion     
English Shakespearian stories enacted 

From Russia with love of the art, gift parcels   
Signs the man to assemble 
Ballet Diaghilev impresario 
To bring the "golden age of ballets russes" 

I  would add poetry to glorify  the options
The essence of art and sophistication   
Define civilisation as the cross roads layered  
Between complexity of varied cultures influenced   

Seasoned to be infused, like a collage
Presented as a treasure of humanity
A master piece of delicacy 
The crown jewel of enlightenment

I would add poetry, to its richness adored
To define the tapestry of art, civilisation of man
Which no man can own as possession hidden in vaults 
No race can solely lay claim to, as history tells 
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  1. A to read several times and to think about.

  2. A poem to read several times and to think about.

  3. this is a tapestry of art,gorgeous imagery and beauty in this.


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