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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Some "Thing" Stinks


A case in point, say politics in pictures view 

Some thing stinks, scandal  yet no one says  

Some thing rattles yet no one hears  

Like the death by a thousand cuts   
By a thousand men and society bleeds  

Who am I to hold, for the crime inflicted, who done it  

And Julius Caesar will know such pain in betrayal  

Recent calenders holds such epic stories known "early"  

Bringing to light the rot in society  

Watching giants fall, taking a few others with them  

The cancer of corruption greed and power   

By the men who swore an oath to uphold  

Defending with pomposity such acid tongue  they "jiggle" with jibe

The indefensibly with a smug, my heart rages   

Morality is gone Barmy and the nut house is full  

In the concrete jungle a phenomenon arises   
Giants of trees fall in successions   
And the parrots Murdoch are tamed without voice

Tainted acts and by association, playing the power game   

Lining pockets, no one hears a tree fall in the forest  

If you did, then tell me, who among the crowd done it  

So with a thousand cuts who is society to blame  

Julius Caesar will know such pain, pain of affliction 

While democracy bleeds on hypocrisy and greed.

Tell me, who done it.


  1. wow you nailed this perfectly what is going on does stink.Especially when it seems others may have known and turned a blind eye.

  2. Who is accountable? Good question.

  3. Very well written use of the words.

  4. A well written piece :)

  5. Very well said and well written. Thoughts we should pursue.

  6. Thoughts well expressed, if only the depth in the contemplate would create actions to compensate

  7. I love that picture you've used, brilliant write, powerful thought-provoking piece

  8. Stinking scandals. Very original and thought provoking.

  9. Well said. We don't protest enough!


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