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Saturday, 23 July 2011

My Daughter Amy

R.I.P Amy Winehouse 
Her love was pure, to all 
And one another, she touched souls  
She sang with a loving voice, such beauty blessed  

She lived fast on a fast lane, she needed me  
Taxi driver, to drive home, her friable mind  
What talent she had could be lost over night  

Replaced by blurry tongues, boozy antics   
And daddy's taxi will wait the whole night  
And daddy's worry will last the whole time  

If only I could take the curse of fame and success     
If only I could drive away her demons   
Of men with bad influence, they gather like vultures 

Will she still be my little girl,  my Amy Winehouse  
He wonders with pain and fears the worst
He says "In  my head I  paint a picture of worry"   

And daddy's taxi will carry her to rehab   
But then she was made famous for opposing with song   
And daddy's world would be turned upside down   

When he was  finally told, nightmare did manifest   
And that he can no longer pick her up to safety  
The angels have got her and news spread with shock  

The last of his taxi ride home to safety  
This time an ambulance awaits  
And the gods of luck are without answers  

This time the drive would be in a funeral procession   
And she will be celebrated, she was loved   
But to daddy she was just his little girl who never came home     
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  1. I truly am so sad about Amy Winehouse. Such a talent. I hoped she would be able to make it. I really did! I couldn't figure out really if she WANTED to make it or not.

  2. heart warming shot.
    beautiful moments captured.

    How are you?

    Welcome join us for week 6 short story slam fun,

    Bless you..

    Keep it up!

  3. I was shocked to hear of Amy Winehouse's death - some people are born to lead short, butterfly lives. I grieve for her parents.

  4. Sad and all too common in these times. Good poem.

  5. To lose a loved one brings great pain. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Amy will be in the hearts of many and your beautiful words are a wonderful expression of love for your daughter.
    God bless you and your family.

  6. She took the road less traveled, only this one lead to tragedy. We pray for her and hope she was not a roll model others will try to follow.

  7. Well expressed. We often forget about those close to the celebrities who die.

  8. Oh I see i have been here before!


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