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Friday, 22 July 2011

Spoken Word

Wholesale, all go, all must go 
Make me an offer I can't refuse 
Set me a mark to reach behold 

Grant me an audience to call my own
Sat at Fada, Farrago host 
And I shall wow the crowd delight

Just nothing of it I could not make
With clay and stone a sculpture to build
I did become a poet on stage with words to mold 

Whole sale all go, all must go
Call me to stage so I can be heard 
All the crowd I did win over

Except for one, just for that one judge 
Who for role of the Ringwraiths, she did take
Boo, boo, she got from the crowd

Make me an offer I can't refuse 
Glad to have been on the stage this day
Whole sale, all go, all must go with a clap
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  1. I like the repetition and rhythm of this poem - I can feel the performance.

  2. Raw and heartfelt I enjoyed reading this piece and was pulled into the atmosphere it created. Well done

  3. at times, putting up the show to make effort is important.

    Glad to see the mission complete in the stage, bless the rest.


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