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Monday, 11 July 2011

Ever So Often

Fighting my demons 
And I hold the ball
First rule is realisation 
Follows as, so as it goes  

Ever so often, too often    
On reflection in thoughts   
I sit and stare, I wonder   
A thousand list comes to mind  

Of mountains to climb  
And some are expedient   
Some stands as the block works
For castles to be built with   

And I project   
My desire and ambitions  
Seen on road maps blue print   
This would be the definition of me  

But ever so often   
Like nightmare on Groundhog day  
Procrastination seems to find me
Get the better of me, ever so often   

Just before I take the plunge   
Stack  on me like a leach with a course   
Sending me under anaesthetic reactions  
And that is me gone for the week, amnesia   

Forward time on slow productivity  
There I am still with wish list   
Of mountains course to climb in ambition   
To think I never moved an inch, too often  

So Monday morning comes again   
Filled with vim and forward thinking  
This time this week, excitement   
I shall bring the bells home  

Hoping I stay awake, long enough through the week  
Avoiding the roads with land mines stack  
Where procrastination of leach men stand  
Oh I see you lurking in the corner, ever so often
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  1. it's amazing how we all see this image so differently. Nicely done.

  2. Procrastination waits for no man. Good for you to see it coming and tackling it head on every time.

  3. the voice of struggle, and fits the image so well.

  4. ..this is wonderful read.. there are so much that volumes between every lines.. great job!(:


  5. I'm still looking at that mountain, too!

  6. Powerful. I like the Ground Hog's Day reference.

  7. I like your response to the prompt picture, and I like the photo you've added below.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Love the voice struggling to be heard, to be destined on its mountainous course.

  9. I too struggle with procrastination, but remain ever-optimistic that I'll climb those mountains one day!

  10. ah yes procrasttion -not a very good friend of mine. loved your take on the prompt

  11. I love the sense of inner turmoil brilliant poem


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