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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Legend Killer

A case of mistaken identity
Someone just left a chihuahua
On my door step

Ever wondered why
The chihuahua makes so much fuss
Trying to scare off the rottweiler

That is life lesson 101
Quick before you get found out , on self doubt
The element of surprise, woof  with attitude 

News Break, this is a note from the fighters' club  
"Bring the book back when you done with it  
Or you  will get fined, it is for communal share".

Anyway so this is woof chihuahua
Not a training or a test drill of fire alarms
And he is to be held back or chaos breaks loose  

A lingering feeling held back for good reason  
Chances are low, but still a lingering feeling, curiosity  
Could woof chihuahua, actually take on the rottweiler

Hmm or maybe it would be a story of David Haye  
I broke my toe, table stunt, stands for proof  
Cry babe in reverse play, after mouthing off

Funny how silence becomes of rooms
When situation are put to the test, I attest  
I am calling your bluff, like a chess game poker 

Why so arrogant, wearing your tutu
I was just saying good day  
As gentlemen do, good day

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  1. hahaa. Kodjo, good one. With quiye a few questions that one would have liked to ask :)

  2. Hi kodjo.A bluff really helps especially for someone small like me. Anyway, I like your verse especially the title.So apt.Be reading you. I'm Ami, by the way.

  3. fun, fun...love your reading....nice to hear you voice...well done..bkm

  4. Nice one! :-)

    I enjoyed hearing you read this. Thanks for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday.

  5. I enjoyed hearing you read. :-)

    Thanks for leaving your link at I Saw Sunday.

  6. Too funny Kodjo...made all the more enjoyable by listening to you.

    Nicely done!

  7. Great to hear you read! and I loved the pic :o)


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